Our first Josquin 500 Festival post!

Welcome to our first post about the Linarol Consort‘s Josquin 500 Festival. Last year we had the idea to put on a musical celebration of the great Josquin des Prez – Master of the Notes, in 2021 what with it being 500 years since his death on 27th August. The dark days of January and February were spent applying to the Continuo Foundation for a grant to make it possible, and in March we were excited to hear we had been successful.

Josquin des Prez portrait print

Over the last couple of months we have been busy organising concerts, workshops and talks, alongside creating a dedicated Josquin 500 website to help navigate events and ticket sales. We hope the website is clear and it is easy to find your way around. Please contact us at linarolconsort@gmail.com if you need any help or you have useful suggestions!

Linarol Consort Josquin 500 Festival lineup photograph
Featured musicians in the Josquin 500 Festival

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3 thoughts on “Our first Josquin 500 Festival post!

  1. Paul Bonner

    So glad you’re doing this! I’ve been wearing out Maestro Heringman’s recordings of Josquin lute intablulations, esp. the Pater Noster/Ave Maria by Gintzler. I just wonder, too, what, if anything, will be going on in Conde sur l’Escaut. I’ve never been able to find out if anyone knows quite where Josquin’s home was on the market square, where his will directed the town’s religious processions to stop and sing the Pater Noster/Ave Maria in his memory. I like to imagine someone will be there, at least in the approximate vicinity, doing that. Anyway, godspeed to your fabulous concerts and lectures, which I’m looking forward to viewing online.

    1. Claire Horacek

      Thank you Paul!
      We’re looking forward to the concerts. Leominster isn’t quite Conde sur l’Escaut but we’ll do our best in the present circumstances!

  2. Paul Bonner

    Sadly, I see the Tallis Scholars’ planned cycle of all 18 masses live at the Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin has now been postponed until the 2022 season. So it’s all up to you guys now (no pressure!).


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